Yet Another Appointment

I'm getting tired of doctor appointments :/  Today was a weekly blood draw and a brain MRI (have to have one every 6 months).  Since I was getting an IV in for the contrast for the MRI they decided to go ahead and do a finger prick to draw blood for my weekly CBC.  Now let me add - with the Zelboraf I am for sure noticing joint pain.  So I can only have blood draws on the left hand and of course the lady picks my middle finger (the one that happens to have the worst joint pain today).  So yeah that was fun having her squeeze my finger for a blood smear.

Results are in - Hemoglobin is at 9.4.  It was 10.1 when taken last week.  I started Zelboraf last Wednesday night.  I see my Medical Oncologist on the 15th.  They will draw blood again and we'll about how I'm doing on 'Z'.  Of course my questions are around:

- how quickly should Z be working?  (I feel pretty good - except for some fatigue and joint pain)
- do we think Z will stop the bleeding if it is working?
- if not: surgery?  (which I think I'd prefer to just cut the spot out - but man it will be a tough one to recover from!

Oh and I know - you guys are going back to the first line that mentions the brain MRI...  no results on that one yet.  But I have asked my doctors to call me with them and I'll update you all then!


On a fun note - here are some pictures from the last few days :)

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