Zelboraf - how does it work?

I've had some questions around how Z works  - here is the info from the website.

How does ZELBORAF work? (from the website: Drug Website)

ZELBORAF only works for melanoma tumors that have an abnormal BRAF gene

BRAF plays an important role in both normal and cancer cells. In all cells, a gene called BRAF leads to the production of the BRAF protein.
Normally, this BRAF protein is part of a chain of molecules that relays a signal that tells cells how to grow and divide. This process is important for the cells in your body to function properly.
BRAF mutation-positive melanoma cell

What happens when BRAF is mutated?

  • A change in the BRAF gene (called a mutation) can alter the way that the BRAF protein works. Instead of waiting for its turn to signal a cell to divide or grow, when the BRAF gene has a mutation, it results in a changed BRAF protein that is out of control and signals all the time
  • This out-of-control BRAF signaling may drive the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells

ZELBORAF targets these changed BRAF proteins and may slow down the growth of your cancer

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