Almost go time - London here we come!

So I have my first round of packing done!  :)  After over a year of planning it doesn't seem quite real that the opening ceremony is Friday and Saturday night I'll be in London!  So many little things to get done before I take off - but it will all work out :)

Well I am going to try and get some good rest tonight.  The heat and humidity has been making my joint pain act up some.  But other than that still feeling pretty good.  I'm very thankful I have so much hair because that continues to fall out.  Never a dull Moment!

PS - a few pictures from today - cuz that's how I roll!

Dublin - extra spoiled AND lazy!
Is this just another sign he has a serious drinking problem?

Sunset tonight - off to the left of the sun
 you can see a bit of a rainbow (Halo effect)...

There were cool clouds tonight...
makes for interesting sky pictures!

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