Excessive Heat Warning - Yikes!

Ok, ok I've been very good while on Zelboraf to stay slathered in sunscreen and covered from head to toe.  Today I realized why so many folks on Z wear gloves when outside.  Yep - my poor right had is a bit red.   I'm guessing I probably washed the sunscreen off and didn't get it reapplied.  Ugh - I hate when that happens since I try and be so careful!

Typically with a day like today I would have just stayed inside anyway but I had the opportunity to see some friends that were in town visiting.  We did the early morning statue of liberty tour.  Even at 9am it was HOT!  After the tour I headed home to shower for a 2nd time today and take a nap.  That's when I noticed the red hand :(  Even with 100 SPF sunscreen, using my umbrella etc...  bummer.  Tomorrow I will hide inside all day.

Later in the evening I met friends at the 9/11 memorial and then we walked Canal St and dinner in Little Italy!  Yum!  Here are a few pictures from the day.


not sure what was going on with these catamarans - filming? race?

Jenny and I in front of the statue

display inside Ellis Island

Lady Liberty from beneath my umbrella!

Lady Liberty and the City

WTC at sunset

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