Happy Independence Day!

So the weather around NYC (and I suppose the rest of the country) feels like it's July!  Where is the year going?  It's 1/2 over already!  Yikes!

I did have the day off from work.  Always feels weird to have a holiday in the middle of the week :)  But I was able to spend time with my molemate Chelsea, her mom, and her boyfriend.  We started with lunch in the meat packing district.  Then took a stroll thru the Chelsea Market and then up to the Highline Park.  It was WAY too hot to be walking up there.  Especially since I keep so many long layers on!  Then we headed towards the WTC.  They had tickets to see the memorial and I headed home to walk the dogs and cool off!

Trying to stay out of the sun...  

9/11 Preview

Cupcake shop in Chelsea Market

After taking a nap with the dogs I decided I should head to Hoboken to watch the fireworks.  I mean, they are so close why not, right?  Even though it was HOT!  I think I lost 10 lbs today just sweating!  lol.  Here are a few pictures from the firework show.  Enjoy!

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