Just another manic Monday...

Ok it really wasn't that bad of a Monday. It's a bit of a quiet week since its the 4th of July so it's good to get caught up on things. Not much to report. Still feeling pretty good. Heading back in to Sloan on Thursday for a blood draw. Guessing they want to keep a close eye on my liver enzymes - there were elevated some. Guess that's to be expected. I will say it always makes me nervous when I see Sloan's number show up on my phone :). Ok more nervous when Im waiting on any kind of result:). Anyway, I have a whole set of upcoming appointments. Blood work on Thursday. See my dermatologist on Monday. Scans on the 11th. Check up with doctor on the 17th. Never a dull moment... But on a positive side - 26 days until I leave for Scotland and London! Booked lodging in Edinburgh today! Stay tuned for more details! Time for rest. I'll leave you with a few pictures. One from last night with some crazy clouds over the city and one from tonight with the moon. Cheers, Erin

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