Well tomorrow is scan day.  Normally I would say I have horrible 'scanxiety' but honestly it's not that bad.  I mean I was much more nervous for my Feb and May scans than this one.  I am feeling pretty good.  Other than some fatigue and minor joint pain.  Although I think some of the joint pain is self inflicted - thank you Zelboraf and your darn sun sensitivity...  I also still seem to be loosing a fair amount of my hair every day but luckily I have a LOT of it!  So I'm sure no one would even notice.  I'm also just glad that my eyelashes aren't still falling out!

It's been a few days since I posted a skyline picture :)  Here is one from walking the dogs this morning. Taken with my trusty iPhone and edited with Camera +

So typically I believe that folks can make their own decisions about what they want to do with their lives and what dangers they are willing to take.  But sometimes it doesn't hurt to help share my experiences and hope that maybe someone will change their ways?  or at least be smarter.  Some of you may have see this Trisha Paytas on GMA?  She had this youtube video posted about her tanning addiction.

It's posted on her facebook page.  I guess she states she knows the risks and she's willing to take it.  Kind of like she knows that there is always a chance of getting in an accident when you get in the car but people still drive everyday... um ok.  I just hope she is at least going to a good dermatologist who can help catch things.  But I'm always curious to read others comments - this is one that stuck out to me:

facebook fan "Listen up you tanaholic! Don't even address those people. We live in a fish bowl and people like to break and tear down what they don't agree with. I have a tanning bed in my den. I dismantled the timer, I turn it on and take a nap. I have been in as long as an hour. Besides, my fat looks better tan than white!"

All we can do is share our battles and hope someone else doesn't have to go thru what we are.  

Ok enough about that.  Time for rest :)  

Results on Tuesday!

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