Superstition - Friday the 13th!

So originally when my scans were scheduled for Wednesday the 11th.  I have a number of meetings all week long so I went ahead and had them moved to Friday... Friday the 13th!  Good thing I'm not really superstitious :)   As Stevie Wonder says in his song 'When you believe in things that you don't understand, then you suffer, superstition ain't the way'...

Not much else to report today.  Still feeling pretty good.  The little bit of the sunburn is under control.  I'll thank Aloe and white vinegar.  Sounds goofy but seems to have worked!

So again scans on Friday and then results on the 17th.  Stay tuned!  And believe it or not I didn't take any pictures today :)  I did have a nice walk to the park with the pups.  While it's gotten down in to the 80's it's still too warm for the pups to be very active.


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