"that there’s no destination without a beginning..." 

So - were you one of the Billion people watching the Opening Ceremony's tonight?  I must admit that I did enjoy Kellogg's commercial and the line above is just one that came from it.  It feels like this trip to London has been in the works FOREVER!  We've encountered our challenges along the way (the first apartment company we booked with 'went out of business' and we had to find a new place last minute, I got some not so great scans in May, etc). but we've powered thru and the day is here.  I have a 9am flight out in the morning heading to London!  I may be too excited to sleep :)  

I'll try and keep my blog updated along the way when I can find WiFi.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

"As the world gathers to honor the glory of the finish, lets take a moment and celebrate the promise of the start.

Why does the finish get all the glory?
Is the win all that matters?
Is it in our human nature?
Is it our survival instinct?
Is that how we get ahead in life?
Is the end the most rewarding part of the journey?
Is it?
The truth is that there's no destination without a beginning.
No good-bye without hello.
No dream without closing your eyes.
No "happily ever after" without "Once upon a time".
For us, there's no finish ...without the most important part of the day...
The Start.
See you at breakfast"

And just in time - my Olympic and Team USA great arrived!  All packed and ready to go!

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