We all got bruises...

... These bruises 
Makes for better conversation 
Loses the vibe that separates 
It's good to let you in again 
You're not alone in how you've been 
Everybody loses-we all got bruises 
We all got bruises ...  Train - Bruises

Bruises, scars, battle wounds - we all got them right? :)  Today had a check up with my dermatologist.  It was a pretty quick visit.  Basically after the whole ZelboRASH experience he wanted to see me again a few weeks after to make sure I was still doing ok.  Still taking the reduced dose (3 pills 2x's per day)

Well - I didn't have a rash but I had my first experience with a sunburn :(  I have been so careful knowing that I have sun sensitivity but I guess I just missed a spot.  Actually I'm guessing I washed my hands and forgot to reapply.  This picture is gross I know but shows you how quickly you can get a burn on Z.  Don't worry friends and family it looks worse than it really is.  

Sunburn on hand 7.7.12
I was actually afraid that Dr L would scold me on sun safety...  but I think he was more concerned with if I had any pain for the spots (I also got a little above each elbow).  Actually they are clearing up nicely.  I decided to try some old 'folk' tricks.  I've been putting just plain ole Aloe and White Vinegar on the spots and they are practically gone.  I did get a prescription for an antibiotic (and we already know I have plenty of rash creams) for my right hand.  Mainly I have to be extra careful because I have had my lymph nodes removed from that arm - so we don't want to risk an infection if the blisters open up.  But as I mentioned so far they seem to just be going away and not breaking open.  Ugh...  Just makes me mad when I've been using tons of sunscreen, umbrella, hats, long sleeves, etc.  But as many can say - Z gets them even in the shade.  

So other than a little sun over-exposure I am feeling pretty good.  Joint pain seems to be feeling better now that the humidity has gone down and we're back in the 80's for high temps.  

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!  And here's a reminder about how to best handle a sunburn - DON'T GET ONE!  I know, I know, sometimes easier said than done.  


PS - here are some pictures from my walk in to the city today.  

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  1. Oh my! Take care of yourself!

  2. You've effectively scared me! LOL.

    (PS - my joint pain started last night - wheeee!!)

    1. Didn't mean to scare :) and it looks WAY worse than it was. Already better! and ugh joint pain... it comes and goes for me. Much better on the lower dose that's for sure!