Who's your Superhero?

With the new Batman movie coming out it got me thinking on the way to work this morning about superhero's and how they change for us as we grow.

Image from Jason Nazar Blog

When we are little kids our superhero's are our parents or grandparents.  We think they can fix anything for us!  We worship the ground they walk on!  When we start to get a little older our superhero (or idols) change some.

A superhero can be defined as a fictional hero having extraordinary or 'superhuman' powers; also: an exceptional skillful or successful person.  (Thanks Webster Dictionary).  In the world I live in now, I kinda look at my medical team as my superheroes.  I want them to be extremely skillful in what they do and be able to work miracles for me!  Sure they don't wear capes or masks - but they are trying to fight the super villain - Cancer!

I know sometimes I may question and challenge them.  It's not that I don't trust in them fully, it's just that I don't want to believe that darn villain is after me!

I do think thru this experience with Melanoma that besides the wonderful medical team that's always fighting for us, there is a big group of extraordinary Melanoma Warriors.  I am amazed sometimes at the strength so many have and how hard they fight until the end!

Well time for some rest.

FYI -  in case anyone is interested, Marvel has a Website that let's you create your own Superhero.  Here is what I think mine would look like (feel free to come up with a superhero name!).  Notice that I am wearing a large brim hat and my arms and legs are covered :)  I'm carrying a torch because I'm headed to the Olympics! :)

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