Zelboraf - doing it's job...

So had my appointment today.  First was an EKG - which was all normal.  Then it was time to have vitals and get the results of my scan.

It was the normal routine - Nurse J comes in and goes thru the same list of questions...  any nausea, pain, etc.  He figured I was doing ok since I hadn't called (or emailed) in lately.   Really side effects have been much more tolerable on the lower dose.  Some sun sensitivity, joint pain, hair thinning (good thing I have a LOT).

Nurse J tells me to keep being boring :)  Trust me - I'm trying to!  :~)

Dr D sticks his head in the door and says 'scans look good'.   He has to run to see another patient but will be back to talk about it more.  When you have an appointment at the end of the day chances are things are typically running behind.  Especially on Tuesdays it seems.

So the scans show shrinkage.  I can't tell you how much right now since the computer systems were down when I was leaving so they couldn't give me a hard copy of the scans.  The good news is that things are smaller.  Dr. D showed me the scans on the computer from May and compared to Friday's scan.

Hemoglobin is up to 11.8!  So that is back to a normal range.  Will continue iron supplements.  Will continue on Zelboraf.  I'll be back in for bloodwork and a check up after I get back from vacation.  We'll continue on Z for another 2 months at least and scan mid-Sept.  Then probably look at switching to Ipi.

Time for some sleep!  11 days to London!!!  I'm actually looking forward to the cooler weather!


Morris Canal off the Hudson - 7.17.12

Dublin checking out the Geese (or maybe just the bar across the marina?)

Busy night on the water...

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