Article in Hometown Paper

Recently I was contacted by Patrick Fisher who writes for my hometown newspaper - The New Prague Times.  He was asking me questions about my blog and sharing my story.  You can find the article here.

For those that don't know (Since I've moved around some over the years) - I did grow up in Minnesota.  Yep the accent still comes out every now and then.  Typically when you ask me where I'm from.  Haha!

A few comparisons on where I grew up and where I live now (Thank you Wikipedia).

Population:  NP = 7,321;  JC = 247,597
Square Miles: NP = 2.6; JC = 21.080
Population density per square mile: NP = 1,731; JC = 16,736

New Prague is set south of the Twin Cities.  Jersey City is across the Hudson from NYC.

A picture of Downtown NP 
Jersey City
My Apartment Building in JC

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