Handball and Basketball

An update on the last 2 day of activities! Yesterday was finally able to get in to the Olympic park. We had tickets to go see handball. I will have to upload video later but it was very entertaining! YouTube it if you haven't seen it before!

After that we walked around the park a bit. We made the mistake of getting in the queue for the London 2012 Mega Store! It was crowded and picked over. Oh and I should also mention - we were very surprised at how much food they were already out of. It's only day 8...

After handball we headed back towards Victoria station to meet up with everyone else and watch some some events on the TVs @ the pub. I was glad to have an inside event since my lower lip took at beating from the sun at beach volleyball. This zelboraf is rough! I think when I get home I'm hiding from the sun until winter lol!

We lucked out weather wise with only a few showers.

Today is my last full day in London. This morning we headed to watch womens basketball @ the Olympic park. We again lucked out with weather since the first storm that hit - we were inside!

After getting some food - we walked around a little bit and then I headed back to the apartment. I was going to check out London bridge - but decided a break from the sun was needed. I am going to go try and check it out around sunset!

Back to NJ tomorrow morning!

Ok here are some pictures from the last 2 days!


Handball! Great Britain vs. Tunisia

Olympic stadium and orbit

BP building - with reflection of basketball arena

Where the athletes are staying

Heading in to watch womens basketball!

Watching France vs Russia

Picked up an American flag @ store!

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