Home Sweet Home...

I arrived safely back in the states on Monday afternoon.  While I really enjoy traveling and checking out other parts of the world - sometimes it's so nice to get home and have your own bed to sleep in.  I was lucky also in that it was a beautiful sunset when I got home on Monday.

Tuesday I had a work from home day to adjust back from jet lag and also have a doctors visit.  EKG was just fine.  Blood work looked good.  Hemoglobin dropped some but honestly I was HORRIBLE about taking my iron supplements while on vacation and didn't eat a healthy diet.  But I was good about taking my Zelboraf!  

So I have scans set up for Sept 6th and then will get the results on Sept 11th.  If things have continued to shrink we will switch over to the Ipi (Yervoy).  So good-bye sun sensitivity, hello chance of colitis!  Never a dull moment in the Melanoma world :)  

Well I should get some more sleep.  I think the pups have been worn out also from boarding.  They've done lots of sleeping:

I love how Winnie always wants to cuddle with something.  Even if it's a hard dog bone.  Oh and she must have been stressed from me being gone because she's licked a spot raw on her hind quarter - poor gal.  

I was also able yesterday to upload the photos from my digital SLR.  Below are a few of my favorites.  Also - if you want to see the whole album that I put together you can check out the facebook link here: 


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