Pathology - What the F-ology?!?

Like many of us when we get a pathology report our next step is to pay a visit to Dr. Google (thanks Stace for the reference).  My first pathology report on my original mole stated the following:

Microscopic Description: An infiltrating neoplasm having epithelioid cells with abundant cytoplasm and numerous miotic figures is observed.  The tumor cells in some areas have a nested configuration but other areas form small foci in which the question of duct formation is raised.  For the reason, and given the patients age, I am performing immunoperoxidase stains before finalizing report.  WHAT?

The Melanoma table was:
Type: Nodular
Clark's level: IV (a lot of folks see this and automatically start to think stage IV disease - this is not true. This measure has to do with tumor thickness)
Brewlow's measurement (millimeters): about 4.5 mm
Mitoses: Greater than 1 per smillimeter square (I'd out later in another pathology rate mine was 15)
Regression: not seen
Ulceration: present
Statellitosis: not seen
Vascular Invasion: suggested, see comment
Margin: free but close
Comment: in the TNM classification scheme, with ulceration, a high mitotic rate index, and the tumor measuring more than 4 mm thick, this is a T4b lesion.

Honestly - when sitting in the dermatologists office - all I heard was MELANOMA, NODULAR...  I can't believe this (tell me about it!)

On a side note - I did get the pathology report back on the 4 moles I had removed a week or so ago.  That is what got me thinking about pathology reports.  The 2 from my legs (one above each knee) came back as: Compound melanocytic nevus with atypical features.  Note states this is likely related to irritation/activation, but it is difficult to exclude a process with potential to progress to melanoma in situ.  Complete excision is advised.  So these atypical spots will be getting more removed from around them. Fun!  These are newer 'spots' most likely related to my Zelboraf.

So stay tuned.  On Tuesday I'll be getting the first one excised.  Can't wait!  lol!

Time to get back to cleaning and get some lunch!  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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