Playing to Win

If you're like me - you may not have been the best at going to the doctor regularly.  Or you figure 'hey, I'm young...  no way there would ever been anything majorly wrong with me.".  But then you see something that doesn't look right and it scares you enough to head in to the doctor immediately.

That's how I was about my health.  Never thought there could be anything wrong me.  I have mentioned before that I was concerned about my primary melanoma spot - but my doctors said it looked fine.  I moved on and pretty much forgot about it.

After attending the Giants game yesterday and checking out the skin cancer screening booth put on by Melanoma Exposed I started thinking about this more.  I have always been an athlete - and we always put in the extra time and energy to train hard.  Why don't we approach our health the same way?  It's easy enough to get annual physicals.  It doesn't take much time to get a skin screening.  

Of course, I have a MUCH different approach to healthcare now.  At first I probably went a little too extreme (think about new mothers calling a doctor when a baby coughs).  But then you find the balance and realize how to listen to your body better and also when to push doctors.

Ok you're probably wondering what my point is ... point is this - when you have the opportunity for a free skin check, conveniently located - take advantage of it.  10 minutes of your time could save your life!

Below are some additional pictures I took yesterday.  Protect the skin you're in!

Easy in - easy out!

Metlife Stadium -
Giants supporting Melanoma Awareness

Folks checking in for a skin check

Melanoma patient present for coin toss

Beautiful night for a game!

For some additional links/info see below.  You may have caught Phil Simms PSA during the game yesterday!

Former Giants quarterback Phil Simms, a skin cancer survivor too, has also teamed up with us to spread the word about the importance of skin cancer screenings

Hear more from Giants VP of Medicial Services Ronnie Barnes by CLICKING HERE

Watch a video of several players speaking out about melanoma risk factors by CLICKING HERE

Phil Simms encourages all fans to get screened, protect yourself and your family and know the risk factors for melanoma. Learn more by CLICKING HERE

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