"Take a Giant Step Against Melanoma"

Reminder folks - Melanoma Exposed will be providing free skin cancer screenings tomorrow at the Giants - Patriots game - starting at 2pm thru kick-off time.

Jim O'Connor, US Presswire

If you're like me, you might have a spot that has been bothering you.  You're busy and don't have time to run to the doctor to have it looked at?  Here is a chance to have a screening done - free of charge.  and to get more information on Melanoma.

Melanoma if caught early is very treatable.  But if caught at later stages you can end up like me - 34 and Stage 4.  My mole grew so much that it got in to my lymphatic system.  I have had melanoma found in my lymph nodes (which all had to be removed), my lungs (2 wedges removed from my left lung), and most recently my small intestine.  I started drug treatments in May of this year.

Hope to see you there!

And remember - Screen, Protect, Know, Tell...

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