Thank you for being a friend...

I read a post recently from one of my Bad A$$ Melanoma Warrior friends talking about being alienated from friends and family because of their cancer.

I think it's unfortunate to have to deal with that after everything else someone is going thru.  I'm very lucky to have a great support network.  I understand that not everyone knows how to act or deal with cancer - so I don't try and force it on anyone.  More than willing to talk about it but only if someone is interested and comfortable.

In that support network is a whole crew of people that I've never physically met - but hoping to meet a lot of them Nov 17th in Charlotte when we do the Aim for a Cure Walk.  It will be great to finally meet the folks that have helped lend so much support thru all of this.

Sponsor ERIN YOUNGERBERG in AIM for a CURE Melanoma Walks

Thanks Kay for sharing this!!  
Ok it's WAY past my bedtime.  I'm looking forward to another weekend of not doing much.  Right now the weather looks rainy.  


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