Zelboraf and outdoor activites

Today we had tickets for 2 matches of beach volleyball. The day was weird since it's cloudy/possible rain with what felt like intense periods of sun. The temperature is still much more tolerable than the 90/100 degree weather we've had in the states! And my joints have felt so much better in the cooler weather and lower humidity!

But - we all know sun sensitivity is a side effect of zelboraf. I have been so careful - sun screen, long sleeve shirts, hats, etc. But today it got me. I put 70 SPF on my face and I have a little red spot on my nose :( that got burnt. Its really not that bad compared to my poor lower lip. It's a bit sore.

I guess given this is day 7 of our trip and outdoor activity I am happy it hasn't gotten me more. So frustrating.

But volleyball was great! We watched womens - Germany vs. Germany. And mens Poland vs Swiss.

Here are a few pictures from the day. Now time to relax and do some laundry.


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