Dublin - home and on the mend!

Ok - sorry for being MIA yesterday.  After the activity earlier in the week I think I needed a day to just rest!

I picked Dublin up from the Vet yesterday morning.  He looked so silly trying to get his head out the window with a cone on it!   When we got home I took the cone off.  As long as I keep an eye on him he leaves the foot alone.  It was pretty sad to see him so knocked out.  I took him back to the vet today for his daily bandage change.  The surgeon did say that it's looking pretty good!  We'll just have to see how it heals over the next week or so.  It was nice to see him have a little more energy today.  Takes him a little while to get up and moving and he won't go up stairs still.   But still on his way to getting better!

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  1. Erin, Why was Dublin so knocked out? did he need surgery to fix his leg injury? Sorry to hear you need surgery :( But being as upbeat as you are and not being a quitter, you will come out of it walking tall!! (Mayby not physically but mentally!!) Is it a law in New York that you must stop for people and their pets in a crosswalk? It is here in MN but I don't believe many people know it. Sometimes it's difficult still to cross because people just keep right on driving like mad!!! Saw your mom today in the store, ran in to buy some Hip and Joint pills ( the ones in the red bottle with cherries in them LOL) My little Chihuahua Mia is approaching 10 and her hips are giving her trouble. Thinking of you, Laurie Matson, Montgomery MN.

  2. Laurie - Dublin has been on pain meds since last Monday. He was hit by a car while we were crossing the street. Luckily he's doing great! and yes pedestrians do have the right away but accidents happen. The guys looked for cars but not people. But luckily surgeon says Dublin's foot looks great! Thanks for the note!