Heading in to the Red Zone

Get ready kids - here comes another cheesy sports analogy!  Fall is one of my favorite seasons!  And last night was the official start of the NFL season!  My adopted local team to cheer for - Giants.  Maybe it's because of their support of Melanoma awareness?

So as I head in to do another set of scans on Monday the 10th - I feel like I'm heading in to the red zone.  We know there was improvement last time, I'd really like a touch down and be clear so we can move on to other treatments to try and make sure this Melanoma never comes back!

I warned you this would be a cheesy post!  Stay tuned!  Scans Monday and results Tuesday.  In between I'll see my wonderful derm Dr L ( and beg not to have any more spots removed for awhile), then results from the great Dr D on Tuesday!  And after that stitches removed and another cut made on my left leg.  Ouch!  2 full days of fun filled appointments!  :)


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