Ipi (aka Yervoy) #1 in the books...

Today has been a LONG day!  I was up around 5am to make sure I got the dogs out and head in to the city for my 7am appointment.

Walking to the path the sun was barely coming up over the city:

I got to sloan a little after 7am.  Was taken back for blood work pretty quickly (after the admin gals were able to make sure they were getting my pre-surgical testing blood work along with my chemo bloodwork all drawn at once).  It was pretty chilly in the waiting and area and since I was having treatment they had to do a blood draw from my hand.  Ouch!  They also had to warm my hand up first to get a vein to pop up so they could draw it.  Then they proceeded to take about 6 vials.

Ater that it was back to the waiting room.  I was supposed to have treatment at 8.  I think I got called back around 10.  Then there was a little mishap where the labs didn't run all the blood tests they needed so I had to wait longer for those to be completed.

Yervoy (Ipi) is a drip that is given over 90 minutes.  From the picture below it's the TINY little bag at the top of the IV pole.  It ran thru a machine and diluted with saline.  It's amazing how MUCH that TINY little bag of medicine costs!

I finished the drug around 12:45.  While I waited for it to run I watched some TV, they ordered me a sandwich and I listened to the man next to me snore the whole time.  Wish it was so easy for me to fall asleep!  Since it was my first infusion I also had to wait around an hour for observation.

my view from the chemo suite
After the hour wait I headed up to the 7th floor for pre-surgical testing.  At this point it was almost 2pm.  I was supposed to be there at 10:45 am.   They were able to work me fairly easily.  I was taken back and given an EKG.  Then the tech tried to draw blood and I said - WAIT!  I've already been stuck twice and was told they got all they needed this morning.   I think if they had stuck me a 3rd time today I might have started to cry!

Luckily they did get all the needed that morning.  Then another woman came in to talk about my EKG.  Guess on 9/11 mine was abnormal.  (Remember that was the morning after my horrific night of watching my dog get run over by a car!  BTW Dublin is doing great!).  But luckily today my EKG was  normal!  Phew cuz I don't know if I could take adding on appointments to see a cardiologist!

So I am in need of SLEEP!  I'll post tomorrow more about Ipi/Yervoy and how it works and what to expect while on it.


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  1. What a HUGE day Erin - mega huge with the delays. No wonder sleep is your friend brave girl. Hope you sleep sound and well.

  2. I should be starting in a week, so hearing the non-medical side of the process is kind of comforting. Good luck!

  3. Good luck with starting ipi. 1st round - piece of cake :) Other than a LONG wait to get started. You'll do fine!