Next Round - Here we go...

On Monday I'll meet with the surgeon to discuss our next steps for surgery.  So stay tuned for more details on that!  It doesn't sound like fun at all - but I'm much more comfortable having it cut out than waiting from scan to scan to see if it's changing.

Tuesday I will get my first dose of Ipi (aka Ipilimumab or Yervoy).  It will be a long day.  I'll have blood work done at 8:45am.  Then I sit for 2 hours while they get things together.  The drip itself only takes 90 minutes.  The treatment plan is 4 treatments - one every 3 weeks.

So what do we need to know about it?
- may cause swelling of the bowels that may lead to tears or holes (already having bowel issues...  but common for people to develop colitis while on this drug)
- may cause liver problems.
- may cause very bad rash (good thing I have a whole assortment of creams already)
- may cause nerve problems
- may change hormone levels in body (some folks have it attack their thyroid etc).

I'll post more details on the drug and how it works later.  Right now time to take Dublin (and Winnie) out one more time and then call it a night.

But before I go a few fun pictures!

This looks much more tolerable to take :)  

Sunset the other night - sorry if shared this already...

Heading in to the city

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