The short update

Ok - I apologize for taking time to post this.  I know if you follow facebook you saw a quick update.  The last 2 days have been exhausting!  Of course I was nervous about my scans because a week or so ago I started having some of the symptoms come back.   I had scans Monday afternoon.   Then when I got home, I figured since the weather had cooled down I would take the dogs to the park.  While coming home Dublin (my lab mix) was hit by a car while we were in the cross walk.  The guy was making a left hand turn.  Dublin is ok - messed up his back foot and pretty much just about gave me a heart attack!

I'll pick the poor guy up from the vet tomorrow.

Now on to my update.  Not the news we were hoping for.  I would have much rather posted a blog about Erin 4, Cancer 0 - but it seems that Zelboraf is not working on keeping the spot in my intestine away.  So change of plans.  You know, now that summer is done might as well take away my severe sun sensitivity side effect :)  We will do surgery to just cut out the darn spot.  I'll also switch over to ipi starting on Tuesday the 18th.  Yep why waste any time?

So - more to come on all that when I'm better rested.  Right now it's time to crash!

But before I go - here are a few pictures I took today of 9/11 remembrance.

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  1. Thandi - no date yet. Will see surgeon on Monday and go from there.

  2. I also have melanoma that has wide spread through out all my bones, been on zelboraf since june 1st, I have alot o the same side effects that you have posted especially severe joint pain, I want to thank you for your blog and updates,and good luck with your surgery.

  3. Sandy - Thanks so much for your note. Sorry to 'meet' you this way. I hope that Z does a great job for you!! I feel ya on the joint pain! ouch! are you on the full dose? I had to start a reduced dose because of a rash from chin to toes!

  4. Yes I am on full dose, have scans due in 4 to 6 weeks to determine if Z is working, right now prior scans are undetermined,I look forward to your updates,hope yervoy works for you and the side effects are not to bad

  5. Sandy - praying that Z is doing it's job for you!!! I was only able to tolerate the full dose for about 10 days before I got the rash! so when I started back up the doctor put me on the a reduced dose. Still got pretty bad joint pain. Never really in the same place. although I noticed when the humidity was high it pretty much got me everywhere! some days my knuckles would be red and swollen. Just so strange how it effects the body, right? Keep me posted on things!!