We will Never Forget

The 11th anniversary of 9/11 is coming up this week.  There are actually several things happening that day: that anniversary, my little brothers birthday, and I get the results of my scan I'm having on Monday!  Can we talk about SCANXIETY!  I SOOOO want to stop taking Zelboraf - but we'll save that for another post...

Back to the subject at hand.  Thursday night they started testing the 9/11 tribute lights.  I believe they will only shine thru the night on 9/11 - but it's still pretty cool to see them.  I can't help but look in awe. It's amazing how high the beams shine.  Below are a few pictures I took Friday night.  I'm also attaching a youtube video I did that combines pictures I've been taking of the WTC since I moved to Jersey City in Dec 2010.


View from Jersey City - along the Morris Canal off the Hudson

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  1. Very neat to see! I will be thinking of you on Monday and Tuesday. Fingers crossed Dr. D has some awesome news to share with you!!!!