A Dog's Life...

Hello folks!  Hanging out in chilly Minnesota for a few days visiting family.  Thursday I woke up not feeling great.  I'm going to guess it was something I ate because by Friday I was feeling much better.  Flight home was pretty uneventful.

Not much else to report.  Just been trying to keep 3 bulldogs from climbing all over me!  I've been pretty good at holding them back...  but I am still covered! in dog hair...   That's what washing machines are for, right?

I am supposed to head back to Jersey on Tuesday - just in time for Hurricane Sandy!  That could be an interesting flight!

Since I haven't been up and about much - here are some pictures of the Bulldogs - Lola, Weston, and Claudia...

I think they are plotting how to get up on the bed with me...

Lola - will sleep sitting up...

Interrupting Claudia's nap

Weston pouting summer is over

Weston - nap time?

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  1. Aren't they just adorable!! NOthing like a bit od dog hair to make a home - a home!
    Enjoy your visit! HOpe you're being spoilt and pampered.