Home sweet home

So this will be a quick one. Got home around 1:30. Ate lunch, showered and napped several hours.
The pups were happy to see me. They almost knocked me over!
So happy not to have an iv pull to drag around with me! And my poor hand is still all black and blue from it! The nurse wasn't the best in putting it in! Ouch!

Feeling pretty good. Although the car ride was a bit rough! Guess I haven't had that much activity lately!
Time for more rest! So nice to be in my own bed tonight!
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Location:Marin Blvd,Jersey City,United States

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  1. Welcome home Erin, and here's hoping you have a lovely sleep and feel much more refreshed when you wake. (that's a very pretty hand you have there)
    The pooches will be worried for you until you're more yourself.
    Thinking of you

  2. Hi Rose - Thanks so much for the note! I am sleeping much better now that I'm home! So hard to sleep in the hospital! :) Hope you're doing well!