I Love... Central Park in Fall!

Ok so I haven't made it in to Central Park to check out the colors (guessing it will be a few weeks anyway before they are at their peak) but I do love Central Park - well in any season!

I took this picture last year:

Central Park Mall - Nov 2011
Feeling pretty good so far.  Was feeling some cabin fever so I wanted to take a walk and get some pictures of fall colors but that ended up being a bust.  My brother and I drove to Bear Mountain to check it out but there were SO many people and the parking was all full.  So the only option was to park far away and walk.  I didn't think that would work at all for me in my current condition.  But we did get a nice drive in and I was able to check out an area of NJ/NY I hadn't seen yet.

Sunday has spent with the slow process of finally uploading my CD collection to iTunes.  Yeah, that is going to take forever!  But I have time.  Might as well catch up on the little things around the apartment.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Tomorrow I'll get my staples removed.  Looking forward to that.


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  1. Erin Im sure you're feel like a new girl with those wicked staples out!
    Well at least you got to go for a nice drive and some fresh air and different scenery.
    Ah Central Park -sigh- .
    Take good care and keep getting stronger every day!