Laughter is the best medicine

Today my sister Emily left back to Minnesota and my brother Jake came in to help for a week.
Riding in the car is still a little rough. I think partly because I try to hold my stomach in so it doesn't bounce or hurt.
Tomorrow we will take Dublin to the vet. He needs to have his bandage removed. Hopefully it will be the last one!
Still feeling pretty good. I think laughter is great for healing but boy does it hurt!

Tonight we were watching the new episodes of duck dynasty! So funny but man I cringe when I have to laugh. I'm hoping maybe its a good exercise for healing my belly?!? :)
I think it hurts some because of the darn staples in my belly. Here is a picture. Sorry to gross folks out but for those that are curious (and as another reminder that skin cancer is more than just a small mole removal!)

Yep - they cut right around my belly button! The staples come out on Monday! I can't wait!
Also - thanks all family and friends for the continued thoughts and prayers! And gifts! I'm truly blessed to have such a great support network! I know I'm behind on responding to comments - i'll catch up tomorrow :)

Now back to sleep!
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  1. Hope all will be well with Dublin. Gosh those staples look mean....I'm wondering why they use metal staples? and not sutures? Obviously theres' a reason but I'm unaware of it.
    No wonder you're not too keen on laughing Erin, so I shan't make any jokes :)
    Keep resting and getting well!!
    (Thank you I'm doing well, just reached 12months with NED)

  2. Hi Erin,
    Dana here. (Excuse the "anonymous" moniker but I'm still a bit hinky re facebook.

    Glad you're home - and that Jake is with you. Once you get the staples out, I think you should tell everyone it's a tattoo! A badass one at that. You're tough enough to sport one, of course, though I'm hoping you've decided that you don't need any more!

    Love and kisses...