Minnesota Visit

I don't make it back to Minnesota very often.  Realizing why I don't come in the winter :)  Ok it's just fall - but it's still CHILLY!  Below are pictures from the last few days.

While home I've been making the rounds and catching up with folks.  I think this is the longest I've been home in a long time.  Stopped by to see my great Uncle Clarence - hope I look that good at 90!

I was also able to catch up with some high school friends.  It was so great to chat but we realized we didn't have enough time :)  Will have to plan a gathering again soon!  Maybe when I'm home over Christmas.

Me, Jodi, Kirsten, Barb, and Lisa
The next couple of shots are from yesterday's sunrise/sunset.

I also made a trip to Buffalo, MN to visit my aunt Geri at the 'Funny Farm'.  :)  Here are a few pictures from the critters!

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  1. Lovely photos Erin, you have obviously had a marvellous time catching up and it's only a few weeks til Christmas and you'll be able to catch up all over again! :)

  2. Wow! Uncle Clarence DOES look good - even for 70!! The rest of the clan looks like they're doin' well too. It would be fun to be home for Christmas. The cold and snow seem to work for that gig!