Sandy Update!

Ok folks - sorry for my delay.  Thanks for the notes I've gotten.  I am safe and sound in Minnesota.  My pups are still at boarding in Jersey City.  Last updates I got were that the dogs were all ok, but the place had no power.  I've been trying to figure out if my apartment has power yet.  I am supposed to fly back to Newark tomorrow morning.  Hoping to get back and see what is going on.

Many folks have asked about where my apartment is.  Of course if you've noticed a number of my 'morning walk' pictures show water.  My apartment is just off a marina.  That marina is connected to the Morris canal that runs off the Hudson river.  This map shows where my apartment is.  The red pin is my apartment location.

Across the river where you see the subway symbol is would be where battery park is.

What I hear so far from a number of folks that live in near by buildings - there are lots of flooded streets.  I'm trying to figure out if my building has power.  If it does have power, I will try and head back tomorrow.  If not - I'll see if I can move my flight back a few days.  But I'm guessing with all the flights that have been canceled it may take a week to get back if I try and move my flight.

Stay tuned folks!   I figured when I lived in North Carolina I would deal with hurricanes - not the case! This is the 2nd one to hit in the last 14 months!

Stay safe East Coast Folks!

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  1. Thanks for the update! So glad to hear that you're safe. Seeing everyone's pictures of the storm has been absolutely unreal.

  2. We'll stay tuned then Erin, for an update on your situation as it happens. SO happy the dogs are OK.
    Prayers are with everyone over there who has been affected.