Staples are OUT!

Made the big trip in to the city today.  The longest part of the walk is from my apartment to the Path station.  Then it's about a block from the WTC path to the E train.  The good thing is that once at the E train I can always get a seat.

Got to Sloan with plenty of time only to sit and wait.  I've gotten really good at sitting and waiting while there!  They were running behind.  Once in with the surgeon they took the staples out.  It didn't hurt at all and it was nice to get them out.  Still feeling a little fatigued.  The doctor did say that they got clear margins from the tumor they removed.  I also had 1 lymph node come back positive for melanoma.

Surgeon suggested I take several more weeks to rest and heal.  I'll be back in to Sloan tomorrow morning for round #2 of Ipi (aka Yervoy).

The only real scary thing of the day was when we tried to get back on the E train at rush hour.  There was one guy leaving and one trying to get on the train.  They started shoving each other and then started throwing punches and squeezing necks.  Of course right in front of me.  Last thing I need is some dumb guy to hit my stomach getting in a fight.  We were able to scoot around them jump on the train.  First time I've seen a fight on the train!  Yikes!

Now it's time for bed.  Have to be at Sloan at 8:30 tomorrow morning.

On our way home it started to rain.  Here is a picture of the skyline on our walk home.

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  1. Erin what an exhausting day and filled with too much excitement perhaps. I can't believe you managed to take a lovely picture for us to enjoy.
    To say its a bummer over the lymph node is an understatement for sure. At least I hope you have a good rest tonight and I hope your tummy feels much better without all that metal in it.

  2. I had a dream you and I were at the ocean watching the waves crash over our feet and I jellyfish stuck to my hand. Dreams are so interesting.

  3. Rose - Thanks! Yes the last 2 days were exhausting running in to the city! Plus the fight. lol! Never a dull moment in the city!

    Christie - oh my that's so funny! i hope your hand is ok hehe! Yes dreams are very interesting!