Surgery went well

Ok - short update. Surgery went well. They removed a rather large tumor. The surgeon was surprised I don't have more symptoms!

But looks like they got it all. Along with about 6-8" of my small intestine and some surrounding lymph nodes. Got up and moving some but now just resting for the nite. Will get up walking tomorrow.

Probably here 3-7 days. Will keep you all posted!

Epidural in... Time for surgery. 2nd time I've been in this spot for prep!

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  1. Look at you Erin! Wonderful to hear all went well, you'll be up and running in no time.
    Thoughts and prayers from across the miles.

  2. Glad it's over and it went well for you!! Your last line said the Epidural was in and time for surgery, second time in prep area. was this your second surgery for your illness? Or did you just complete one and you are back in prep for a second surgery? I haven't followed your blog since the beginning, I just began following it like in July when your Mom told me about it. Take care Erin, I think of you a lot and just a week ago I subscribed to your blog so now it comes in my Email :) I really like that!!! Laurie Matson, Montgomery, MN

  3. Laurie - thanks for the note. Sorry for the delay in getting back. That picture was taken in the same prep area that I was in last year in March when I had a VAT's procedure. Thanks so much for following the blog and my journey. And glad the email feature is working! I made some updates to the blog and still making sure everything is working well! Hope you have a great day!