T-2 Days to Surgery!

Yikes !  Of course I'm not looking forward to having 5-10 inches of my intestine cut out!  I mean, who would?  But it will be nice to just have the trouble spot out vs. worrying about it.  As it stands right now I'm not really worried about the surgery.

When reading about the procedure and talking to others that have gone thru it - most said the worst part was having something called a nasogastric tube.  It's a tube down your throat to drain fluid and gas out of the stomach.  I asked my surgeon about this.  Her response was that she does not routinely use one - so hopefully I do not wake up with one!

Not sure yet what time the surgery will be.  They will call sometime tomorrow to let me know.  In the meantime I'll be having an all clear liquid diet tomorrow.  Bring on the apple juice and jello.

On an Ipi update - I'm wondering how soon side effects really do kick in.  I've been feeling a bit under the weather - mainly just a head ache.  Could be the weather also.

Well I am exhausted!  Time to get some sleep.

A picture from my walk this morning - before the rain came in!

Oct 2nd was also LiveStrong Day.  My office actually supported this day also by allowing employees to wear jeans to work today and yellow.  I wore my Fight like Hell shirt (thanks again Callahans!).  They suggested a $5 donation and BP matched.  Today the office took in $580.  While most of my co-workers don't know about my upcoming surgery (or even my Melanoma) - I felt it was appropriate to wear heading in to surgery later this week!  Find out more Here

Ok time for sleep!

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  1. Hope you had a nice sleep and the headache has lessened. And let's hope you don't have to have the tube.
    Count down now!
    Thinking of you.