Weekend Chillin' - at Sloan

I hope everyone has had a great weekend.  Mine has been spent walking hallways and resting.  I also think it's important to mention this little fact.  Oct 6th, 2010 was the date of when I had my original mole removed.  Who knew my next 2 years would involved surgeries, chemo, etc.  Protect the skin you're in!

Ok, I've been living life pretty big too in the last 2 years :)

On to the update -

This is a quote I always think about when I go thru something like this - I mean who doesn't Love Winnie the Pooh?

So far I seem to be doing well.  Saturday I got on the liquid diet.  Yep - see the fine menu below!

Lunch of champions?  Some apple juice, chicken brother, and jello.  Mmm...  

Thanks friends for the flowers!  Very thoughtful of you.

This little machine may look familiar to some.  When I had my VAT's procedure I needed to use this to make sure my lungs were functioning properly.  Basically it helps me start coughing - which hurts like all heck!  That's probably the most painful thing so far - coughing.  Ouch!  But it's important to get your lungs clear and up and walking.

 Well you all know how I like to take pictures - well since I can't get outside - here's a picture out my window.  Hanging out here on the Upper East Side!

So for those wondering how I'm feeling - so far so good.  Tomorrow my epidural should come out.  That will be nice because I would LOVE a shower!  Still can't go home until we know things are moving again.  The good news is that my stomach is growling a lot and I am passing gas (sorry for TMI folks - but it's part of the healing process...).

Tonight they also disconnected the fluid IV I was getting.  Since I am eating and drinking on my own.  So while I still have the IV in my hand (just in case they need it) it's one less line to try and trip over while I'm up and walking.

Have a great night.  I'll update more when I know more.  It will take 7-10 days from surgery to get the official pathology report back.

G'nite folks!

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  1. Sounds like you're doing really well Erin! How sweet of you to give us a pictorial update, with gorgeous views :) and beautiful flowers.
    Lots of prayers and good thoughts being sent your way brave girl for a speedy and smooth recovery.

  2. Don is a HUGE fan of Winnie the Pooh - and of You. The wisdom of Pooh is unassailable. And his quote fits you perfectly! I noted that honey is on your list of approved menu items. Good Sign. Champagne is not. Bad Sign.

    We think of you often - after all, we have all those photos of our wonderful Thai adventure (thanks to you). Will look forward to hearing that you're up and about and to seeing your wonderful NYC photos.

    Love and kisses,

    Dana and Don