What a difference a week makes!

This will be a short post since I haven't done much of anything the last few days. Feeling much better. Have just taken Tylenol today vs my pain meds. Funny that last Friday I could barely walk 6 laps around the hospital floor and today I can stand up with greatly reduced pain and assistance!
Starting to get a little cabin fever :). Maybe tomorrow we will take a drive to check out some fall colors. Since I can't be making the run in to the city!
Well time for rest! Here are a few pictures from the sunset tonight! I've been trying to get out to help walk the dogs!
The view out my apartment window

Edited with camera +

Winnie has been very clingy since I got home...

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  1. Marvellous progress in just one week! And down to just Tylenol for pain relief - amazing Erin.
    Totally gorgeous sunset from your window.
    So pleased healing is progressing so well.