2 Days down... 3 to go...

Not much to report with my first week back to work.  Except maybe that 1/2 way thru the day I totally feel like I need a nap :)  And the commute is still awful!  lol!  Actually it's getting a little better as they finally start to get all the traffic lights around here working again.

Still feel pretty good.  No major issues with Ipi.  Some itching and some upset stomach but I just keep trying to take it easy with what I'm eating and how much.  I've started adding back in a lot more veggies and fruit - so that takes a little adjustment time!

Hope everyone is having a great week!  I'm going to be a bum and head to bed!


PS - here is a billboard that is up in Charlotte.  I was set to do the walk there this weekend but I think I may miss it.  It's been a busy last 5-6 weeks between surgery, treatment, the hurricane and starting back at work.

Here is another shot from Sunday - testing out the panoramic feature on my phone.  It's a little bumpy in the middle - that's what happens when you're holding on to 2 dogs while trying to take a picture!

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  1. Considering the challenges the last pic is gorgeous! Wonderful to hear that you're doing OK Erin, and boy have you ever had a time of it dear girl. You're doing great!

  2. It's so cool to see there's a melanoma walk in Nc. I wish I had known. I might've tried to participate. Glad you're hanging in there. Been praying for you. As always. Take care. Debbie