A case of the Mondays?

Again not much to report these days.  Been trying to get back to a normal schedule again after being off for 5 weeks.  Last week was tiring not getting an afternoon nap :)  Luckily it's a short week!  Guess Monday is really like a Wednesday!  :)

Tonights excitement has revolved around Winnie catching a mouse in my apartment!  Lovely... and then finding another mouse running in the hallway near the fitness center.  Guess all the basement flooding has sent them packing for higher ground - like my apartment building!  YUCK!

And now time for sleep!

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.  It was great weather!

 yes - that would be a mouse running down the hallway of my 'luxury' apartment building...

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  1. Oh no not mice! We have 'country-plague' at the moment - by the hundreds (yuk)Thanks heavens there's much for them to eat out in the paddocks so the house is safe!
    Gorgeous pics Erin, and so good to hear you're slowly getting back into the routine.