Everyone Loves a Parade!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Typically during this turkey holiday I am off galavanting around the world (last year we celebrated in Singapore!)

This year I found myself actually not going anywhere!  So I thought what better time than now to take advantage of a tradition I've watched on tv since I can remember - the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!  This year marks the 86th parade.

I also found out that there is a huge tradition of folks going in to the city the day before to watch the balloons get inflated!  The executive producer was quick to point out that the balloons are INFLATED!  They DO NOT blow them up!  lol!

They say if you want a first row seat you pretty much have to get there around 6 am!  The parade starts at 9am.  I rolled in to the city around 7:30.  A little after 8am I found a place to attempt to watch the parade.  I must say it worked out well!  It was across from Radio City Music Hall.  And while I wasn't able to get front row - there was a fence I sat up on!  So that all worked out well (although not the most comfortable thing!).

So here are some pictures from the parade!  I didn't stay until the end - so sadly no pictures of Santa.  I figured after an hour + of the parade I was better off trying to beat the crowds on the train home :)

Happy Turkey Day!

I'll have to post more pictures later... apparently I've hit my storage limit :)  I take too many pictures... lol!

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  1. Thanks Erin for braving the crowds, the fence! and the train for these great pics for us. Looks like the weather was brilliant!

  2. Thanks so much rose for y kind words! The weather was perfect for a parade! And it was fun to experience it live. Hope you are well!