Ipi round 4!

Tuesday was Ipi #4! It was a rainy dreary day in the nyc area. So I guess it was a good day to sit around a doctors office?!

A view from under my umbrella as we headed in to the city. (My brother Patrick is spending the week with me so he tagged along to my appointment).

First stop is always vitals! I think the tech was more interested in leaving in 10 minutes than drawing blood! I have to get blood taken from my hand because I'll be getting treatment. I can't use my right arm due to the lymph node removals...

As you can see she scratched the needle along my hand before getting it to go in. This was also after she complained that my veins weren't showing! Yikes! I'm still bruised...

After a quick check up with nurse John... It was then time to wait.... And wait... I was supposed to start treatment at 1:30. I got called back around 4pm.

Here's hoping Ipi stops anything else from growing!! Scans will be December 21st... Yeah you know... The day the world is supposed to end! Lol!

Hope everyone is having a great week. No major side effects yet. Pretty exhausted but that's about it. I did manage to get out and play volleyball twice this week. Yesterday was a little tough after having treatment the day before... But felt good to move!

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  1. Hope you're enjoying your brother's visit, notwithstanding the looooong day getting treatment.

  2. It was good seeing you and being around your family this past weekend, Erin! Thinking and including your in family prayers. Thanks, too, for your photography in support of Hymnus!