Jersey bound

As it stands right now my flight should take off in the morning for jersey. The place where I board my dogs got power back today however my apartment building still has no power :( maybe by tomorrow it will be up and running!
For now they have a generator powering the lobby and since they own several buildings in the area have offered up vacant apartments for folks to use for hot showers.
Hoping also my car is ok. It was parked at Newark airport.
Stay tuned for updates tomorrow! I'm sure you guys have all seen the reports on the news. Luckily my building had no flooding! But the area is just a mess after the storm!
Here are a few more bulldog pictures!

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  1. I've been watching the reports coming through to us over here and its all just unbelievable. I've been praying and hoping for a good return for you Erin.
    Keep us updated.
    Stay safe.