Messiah Refreshed!

I spent the last 3 days meeting my family in the city.  My brothers were singing in Messiah Refreshed at the Lincoln Center Sunday along with their choir Hymnus

I got to sit in on Saturday and listen to Rehearsal.  Below is a shot of the whole choir.   They did a fabulous job on Sunday during the performance!

I also spent some time with my mom and brothers checking out a few sights around the city (ok some of those sights included pubs!).

My brothers all dressed up after the performance on Sunday -

Checking out the holiday sights at Rockefeller Center

Outside Trump Tower

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  1. What a wonderful family get-together, how special. The family photos are gorgeous, the Choir amazing!
    Thank you Erin for these wonderful photos.
    Hope you are well too dear Erin.

  2. You look beautiful in your holiday finest! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Hugs, Debbie