Oh zap - powers back!

Sunday night I stayed with some friends in Hoboken. About 2am Monday morning the power came back on! I am very blessed and fortunate that power was all I lost. I feel so bad for the folks still without power or who lost everything! There are still long lines for gas (and rationing), nj path is back up and running this morning with limited service.
And don't forget to vote!!
Here is mother natures power :)
Morning Nov 5th - sun coming up over battery park in lower manhattan.

Poor Dublin is exhausted from all this!

You can see damaged docks outside my apt window. The smoke is also from 2 apartment buildings that caught fire in jersey city on 11.5.12

Clearing skies over manhattan.

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  1. Wow, that last image offers such promise. Thinking of you and all who are recuperating. PEACE.