Still no power

After canceled flights all week and delays in getting back to jersey - I am back to no power still. Would have stayed in Minnesota but had to get dogs from boarding. And I have treatment on Tuesday. That should be an adventure to get too since path isn't running. So will have to be bus or ferry and figure it out from there!
Here are some pictures from around my block. Was very lucky not to have flooding!
This shows how close the water is to my apartment building. My apt faces the street.

Poor dublins foot is still not healed - so he's back to being a cone head!

Hoping these vans mean power will come back soon!!

Sign in Morris canal park - folks think it came over from Ellis island. Lots of glass and metal in the park - I'd keep you pets out!

Verizon vans/trucks all over jersey city today.

Was up early walking the dogs. Sun starting to come up over lower manhattan (battery park) and Brooklyn.

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  1. Well goodness I was wondering if you'd actually get a flight back! So pleased to hear you have suffered no damage as such - and let's hope and pray everyone has their power back on very, very soon. This storm has been so cruel to people and property.
    Poor Dublin, is the vet confident his foot will heal? or is it more serious.
    Tues is going to be a challenge to get to treatment, you can do without the stress and I'll be relieved to hear that you get there and home again ok.