Another day of waiting

I've gotten really good at sitting around and waiting :). Saw my doctor this morning for a quick check up. Blood work all looked normal. Then it was off for an EKG and then my shoulder mri. They are also able to move up my ct scan from Friday to today.

My poor left arm has been stuck so many times with needles. The tech this morning looked annoyed when I asked her to draw blood from my hand so we could save my elbow for the MRI. Then came the MRI and ct scan. Unfortunately when the nurse started my iv for the MRI she didn't use a big enough needle for the ct scan. So yep that one had to come out and they had to find another vein to stick.  I got stuck 3 whole times today!! Ouch! They can't use my right arm due to the removal of the lymph nodes and my chance of getting lymphedema.

So I got to down some lovely contrast juice again!

I got to Sloan around 10:45am. Having my ct scan added meant they had to fit it in... At 5pm!
The good news is that on my way home I got to take a few pictures of the World Trade Center at night. My iPhone doesn't take the best night pictures. I keep thinking that after 2 years I would get tired of the city but the truth is - I love it!

Stay tuned for results. Hoping my doctor will call me tomorrow. Probably good to remember that lots of times things get worse on Ipi before they get better... (This is how I remind myself to plan for the worst... Hope for the best). But my doctor and I did talk about our next steps. I will try to get on the anti-pd1 trail going on. Starting sometime in January. More details to follow on that later!

On my way in to the city - gloomy start of the day!

Walking in the morning behind my apartment.

Nyc skyline. Wtc on the right, Empire State Building on the left.

Xmas colors on the World Trade Center

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