Back in Jersey

Arrived back in New Jersey around 1pm today.  It was a bumpy ride all 2.5 hours!  The pilot as we were making our descent stated 'sorry for the bumpy ride, but we appreciate you sticking with us!'  Like we had anywhere else to go!  :)  It really wasn't that bad.  But I did get back to NJ to snow, rain, and wind!  At least it's still warmer than Minnesota!  :)

Dublin did chew on his foot some while at boarding...  he even destroyed his boot while there.  Now they are relaxing!

I'm with them also!  Since we had Christmas times 3!  Luckily it's a short week left!  We'll see how the weather looks tomorrow!  May be a work from home kinda of day if the roads are bad!  Mostly just rain in Jersey City but I work 25 miles NW of here and it's yucky there!

Hope everyone had a lovely christmas.  Here are a few more pictures!

My siblings and Dad
Gotta get plenty of pictures of the new niece
Christmas Mass at St Louis, King of France
Where my brother Jake sings
The new organ at Church
Christmas is lots of fun with little ones around!
My sister and Gabriella 
I love Santa ... (and my mommy)

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  1. So pleased you had a wonderful family time Erin, the photos are gorgeous, and wow that's a long drive to work!!

  2. Rose - thanks so much! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas! and yes... it's a long drive (although when I lived in NC I drove 40 miles!). But these 25 miles in New Jersey take MUCH longer! but I wanted to be closer to NYC so that is the price I pay...

  3. WOW,you used to drive 40 miles??!! I can imagine how the 25 take longer time-wise tho!!