Busy week ahead

Sorry for the long overdue update!  A week or so ago I started to have some increased numbness/tingling in my left hand.  Doctors had me come in to get checked out 'given my history'.  Which involved a quick ct scan of the head and a meeting with the neurologist.  All seemed clear.  

On the 7th I had a brain MRI.  It came back all clear :)  As I figured it would be.  I had a follow up appointment with the neurologist this past Friday.  He thinks I may have some mild neuropathy (numbness/tingling) going on.  It can be a side effect of ipi.  So this week I'll have a shoulder MRI on Tuesday and they added an EMG (nerve test) to my weeks schedule.  I'll also have my follow-up CT scan on Friday.  I'll get those results Friday afternoon.  

So yep - gonna be a busy week!  Then Saturday I'll head home to Minnesota for a few days.  

This weekend was pretty low key.  Got some things done around the apartment, some Christmas shopping done, and stopped by a holiday party.  

Hope everyone has a great week!  I'll keep you posted as I find out more this week.  

took this last year

Love the folks that decorate their boats!

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  1. Do keep us posted Erin, you sure have a lot on your plate this coming week. Praying for all good things for you.
    Lovely photos.