Dreary Weekend...

It's been a quiet, dreary weekend here in the NYC area.  So I spent most of it relaxing and resting.

Dublin's foot seems to be looking better.  He had a recheck at the vet.  They have him an antibiotic just to be safe and a much bigger cone!  He is NOT very graceful with it.  Keeps me up 1/2 the night running in to things.  He still seems to rub the cone on the sore spots!  But it looks 10x's better than it did on Friday.

Time for bed.  Hope everyone has a great week!

Cone won't stop Dublin from Drinking!

Friday - heading in to the city

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  1. Beautiful photos Erin, I hope you had a nice time. So wonderful that Dublins foot is on the mend. My goodness I do believe that is the biggest head cone I've ever seen!!
    I do hope you are well Erin.