Rockin' around nyc

(Sorry for the typos in some of these posts...  when typing from my iPhone I miss lots!)

Yesterday I had an appointment at Sloan (again...) to meet with the neurologist. He's great! The needles stuck in to my arm - not so great! But everything with the nerves looks good! So as dr c pointed out - he'd rather be extra cautious than ignore something.

After I was done with that I met up with my cousin Jo who was in town for interviews. We looked at a few of the holiday decorations and stopped in the New York public library (to warm up! And because its absolutely beautifully!!). Then a stop grand central and then I was headed back to jersey city.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday! Sitting at Newark airport right now waiting for my flight to chilly Minnesota!!

Safe travels everyone!

Jo and I checking out the decorations!

Xmas tree in New York public library. It did say no pictures... But everyone else was taking pics! And it's just so pretty!

Still in the Library

Bryant Park - ice skating anyone?

More trees

Christmas bulbs!

30 Rock. Of all the times I've walked thru Rockefeller center - this is the first time I've noticed this!

Lego World - models of radio city music hall and Rockefeller center! Very cool!

Sparrows chillin' on the holiday decorations

30 rock!

Even the food carts getting festive!

Love these gas lamps in city hall park. I believe it's the Woolworth building in the background.

Back in jersey city. World Trade Center in holiday colors and Empire State Building on far left in red and green. Not the best picture since my iPhone doesn't take great night shots... But you get the idea!

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  1. You're a sweetie taking all these wonderful NYC pics for us!! So pleased you're doing ok Erin, and I hope you'll be spoilt rotten 'back home for Christmas'!!